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The Performer conferences have been organized by Lusenti Partners LLC since 2006.

Added value

  • Technical presentations by specialists

  • No registration fees for the representatives of pension funds

  • Educational content
  • Conference folders handed out to the participants

Target audiences

  • Directors, managers and administrators of pension institutions, foundations and health insurance funds

  • Members of foundation boards

  • Members of investment committees


  • To acquire, update or deepen knowledge of the area of investments

  • To review the possibilities of reducing the specific risks

  • To get answers to topical questions

  • To share experiences with other representatives of pension funds

  • To exchange opinions, with experts and advisers

Past Conferences

The programmes of the past conferences are available here.


The PERFORMER Conferences are supported by active Sponsors, who are involved in the technical presentations. The Sponsors vary according to the topics covered. Find the Sponsors of the different conferences here.


The PERFORMER Conferences are organized in partnership with media partners or partners from professional associations. The partners vary according to the topics covered. Please consult the past events to find out who our previous partners were.


Lusenti Partners LLC


Established in 2002, based in Nyon and active all over Switzerland, Lusenti Partners LLC is an independent investment advisory company for institutional and professional investors. Specializing in optimization and systematic control of investments, we offer our institutional clients – mainly pension funds – solutions aimed at improving their performance, protecting the degree of coverage and cutting costs.


Lusenti Partners LLC assumes no liability for the comments, figures or recommendations provided by the lecturers. The conferences provide the sponsors with the opportunity to present their services to the professional community.


Lusenti Partners LLC does not receive any commissions, givebacks or payments from the sponsors related in any way to commercial deals between the participants and the sponsors made during or after the conferences.


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